Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dear Emily

Richard Beck posted some wonderful Emily Dickenson quotes on his Experimental Theology blog today. Each of them is a gem, and each reminded me of how much I enjoy the Belle of Amherst.

"'We thank thee Oh Father,' for these strange Minds, that enamor us against thee."

"On subjects of which we know nothing, we both believe and disbelieve a hundred times an Hour, which keeps Believing nimble."

"When Jesus tells us about his Father, we distrust him. When he shows us his House, we turn away, but when he confides to us that he is 'acquainted with Grief,' we listen, for that also is an Acquaintance of our own."
Years ago I wrote a song to Miss Dickenson that has quite a number of quotes from her poems. It's on my Breathe a Little Deeper CD.