Saturday, March 13, 2010

Book: Stumbling on Happiness

Stumbling on Happiness
by Daniel Gilbert

This was a very enjoyable and interesting book. Gilbert is a winsome and clear teacher. I learned a lot. I hope many of his insights make a lasting impact on my ability to think and choose wisely. I'm sure I will be able to make good use of a number of his concepts and illustrations in pastoral teaching and counseling.

"If humanity is a living library of information about what it feels like to do just about anything that can be done, then why do the people with the library cards make so many bad decisions?" (p. 235)

Documentary: Herb and Dorothy

I watched this wonderful documentary last night. What an interesting couple, what a surprising and unassuming way to live, and how amazing to see the massive impact people can make in this world by choosing to simply focus and be.

Herb & Dorothy
NR 87 minutes

Chronicling the story of unlikely art collectors Herb Vogel and Dorothy Vogel, filmmaker Megumi Sasaki demonstrates that it's not necessary to be wealthy in order to build a significant collection in this fascinating documentary. A postal clerk and a librarian, the Vogels share a passion for art, which they pursued over decades, becoming two of the most important collectors of minimalist and conceptual art with more than 4,000 pieces.

Cast: Dorothy Vogel, Herb Vogel, Will Barnet, Robert Barry, Lynda Benglis, Chuck Close, Robert Mangold, Sylvia Mangold, Lucio Pozzi, James Siena

Director: Megumi Sasaki

Genres: Documentary, Art & Design, Sculpture, Social & Cultural Documentaries

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sad News from Denise Spencer

Michael Spencer, affectionately known as iMonk to many of us, has been suffering with debilitating illness for some time now. Today, his wife, Denise, posted some very sad news about his condition.

"It is with a heavy heart that I bring my latest update on Michael. We have learned that his cancer is too advanced and too aggressive to expect any sort of remission. Our oncologist estimates that with continued treatment Michael most likely has somewhere between six months and a year to live. This is not really a surprise to us, though it is certainly horrible news. From the very beginning, both of us have suspected that this would prove to be an extremely bad situation. I don’t know why; perhaps God was preparing us for the worst all along by giving us that intuition." Read More

I'm very downcast about this. A cold gray rainy day in Minnesota just got a little harder to take. I have never met Michael, but have counted him a good friend and brother. His podcasts and blog have been an ongoing source of encouragement and thoughtful stimulation to me for the last couple of years.

Please join me in praying for Michael Spencer, his wife Denise, and their children Clay and Noel.