Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday Words - My Little World

Oh God of the stars, the sun and the moon
Oh God of the wind and the sea
Though You’re everywhere
How amazing it is
That You can be here with me

The uncharted craters of planets beyond
You know like the palm of your hand
And yet You’re concerned
With my little world
Oh, help me to understand

I know that miracles happen to people like me
The moment we dare to believe
For we are the objects of God’s mighty love
Far greater than our little minds can conceive

The stars could collide
The sun could grow dim
The whole universe pass away
Still nothing can change the promise He made
And Christ in my heart will stay.

"My Little World" by Ralph Carmichael. 
© Bud John Songs, Inc. All rights reserved.


  1. Which reminds me of THIS similarly-mind-blowing demonstration.

  2. yep - Dewey - that blew my mind!
    Also, Dave, never heard of that song before. Finally found a sample on iTunes (I think it's "finite minds" instead of "little minds") :) :)

  3. Lyrics tend to drift a bit from one recording to the next. Little, finite... I'm sure there are probably other variations out there. :-)