Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday Thinking - Churches in Ferguson

As the sad story of Ferguson, MO continues to unfold, it's worth considering what Christians and churches in Ferguson are doing. That angle may not be a story that gets front page coverage, but it's certainly worthy of our thoughtful and prayerful attention.

The Christ and Pop Culture blog has a good post that may broaden your perspective and motivate you to pray for those Christians who are striving to live out the gospel in the midst of this challenging crisis. It may also give insight into some ways and whys you and your church can be working for social justice in your own community.

The Other Side of Ferguson: Local Churches Fighting Injustice
Thousands of Americans in over 90 cities have marched in outrage over the seemingly unjust killing of rising college freshman Michael Brown. Many demand justice for a young man who was apparently killed, defenseless, in broad daylight, his body left for hours uncovered on the street. But demonstrators most desire a more far-reaching change.

Meanwhile, similar to most wars—both global and civil—the church has quietly worked from dawn until dusk without much notice from the press. Many of Ferguson’s citizens recognize a narrative missed by the press.
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