Thursday, December 03, 2015

Thursday Thinking - After Paris: A Christian Response

Philip Yancey has posted a thoughtful article on Christian responses to recent events in a world filled with tensions fueled by religious, ethnic, political, and cultural differences – Paris and Beyond: How Should Christians Respond. I'll give you Yancey's closing statements in the hope that it will spur you into reading his entire piece.

Can we respect and dignify the majority of Muslims while simultaneously striving to root out the extremist minority? Can we resist the temptation toward vigilantism and prejudice against all Muslims? Can we not only accept them as neighbors but love them, as Jesus commanded? Can we live in a way that demonstrates to the Muslim world that "the Christian West" does not equal decadence, just as "the Muslim world" does not equal extremism? Can we maintain our cherished values of freedom and justice while under assault from forces that undermine them?

ISIS has proved how a dedicated minority of zealots can disrupt the world. What can Christians do to show the troubled world another, better way?


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