Thursday, January 07, 2016

Thursday Thinking - Vision or Goals?

Today, I'd like to direct you to thoughtful post from Brett and Kate McKay over at The Art of Manliness blog. While many people set new goals at the beginning of a new year, it might be more important to identify a greater vision for the meaning and purpose of your life. In fact, without that vision, goals don't really have a meaningful context. They may, in fact, be wrongheaded. Click Here to read the piece.

Here is a bit to get you started...

by Brett & Kate McKay

Another New Year is once again upon us and millions of people around the world are settingW big, ambitious goals and resolutions for themselves (including yours truly).

While I’ve long been a fan of goal setting, my ardor for it has cooled a bit. I still think they’re useful and I still set them, but through conversations with organizational/personal development experts, as well as various books I read last year, I’ve come to think that focusing too much on goals can actually get in the way of living a truly flourishing life.

So instead of being goal-focused this year, I’m trying to be more vision-focused. It’s an approach I’d recommend you take as well. So what’s the difference? Let’s dig in, and together get going on a year full of promise and progress.

- - - 

Goals are fantastic tools for personal and professional development, but if we expect that simply setting goals will lead to a flourishing life, we’ll be greatly disappointed. We need to create a rich, compelling vision of where we want to go and who we want to be in order to provide vital context and meaning to our goals.


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