Thursday, April 07, 2016

Thursday Thinking - Culture & Beauty: Fujimura

Join me APRIL 16, for a seminar on culture, beauty, and the church. Our speaker at the seminar is renowned painter and theologian Makoto Fujimura, director of the Brehm Center at Fuller Seminary. The seminar takes place on Saturday, April 16 from 9 - noon at City Church, Minneapolis.

What would it look like if Christians pursued human flourishing in all areas of life and culture, including creative work and the arts? Through sessions with Fujimura and a discussion panel with local arts leaders, we’ll explore what it means for the church to pursue culture care by stewarding creative imagination and culture for the common good.

The event is free and everyone’s welcome! The French Meadow will cater a light breakfast. Please invite your staff and other lay leaders or individuals from your church who are interested in better understanding and caring for our culture.

Registration is required; you can register online at

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