Friday, December 02, 2016

Friday Favorites - Gwen Ifill

For many years, Gwen Ifill has been a favorite journalist of mine. I was so saddened when she died last month. I will miss the strong, positive, and kind presence she was on PBS and NPR. 

I just came across a wonderful tribute to Ifill written by her friend and colleague David Brooks. It reminded me of the reasons I appreciated her so much, and gave insights into why she will be so missed greatly.

From "The Life and Example of Gwen Ifill" by David Brooks...
Gwen worked in a tough business, and being an African-American woman in that business brought its own hardships and scars, but Gwen’s smile did not hold back. Her whole personality was the opposite of reticent, and timidity was a stranger to her. When the Ifill incandescence came at you, you were getting human connection full-bore.

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