Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday Music: Tatiana Parra - "Timidez"

Last week I posted a virtuosic vocal piece from Tatiana Parra. This week a nice pop song. I love the arrangement and the Portuguese language is so musical. HERE OR ON IMAGE TO PLAY

My shyness
Distance Dreams
And once again it's like this.
A contained gesture, a confused sign
Just because
I do not know how 

to tell you how I feel

A blue night
So many thoughts
What will I do to make you notice?
Eyes light up as I see you approach.
A shy smile
That you did not know how to see

Such shyness
Dreams so far
And once again it was so
Gestures so contained by confusing signs
Just because
I could not tell you how much I know you feel

Another blue night
So many thoughts
What else do you notice?
Eyes light up again to worship you

A shy smile
What do you finally see?
And you smile at me like that
Light up the look for me

So much to speak
Everything comes at once
But how to say?

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