Sunday, April 18, 2010

Book: The Whispering Walls

The Whispering Walls
J. E. Hunt

A friend of mine, Josh Hunt, is currently releasing a four-part book series called The Wanderers. What follows is a review I posted on You can find out more about the series at Carius Books.

When you read book one of a four-part series and enjoy it, you're instantly ready to move on to book two. The problem with reading book one of a NEW four-part series is that book two isn't available. I guess that's also part of the fun.

The Whispering Walls is beautifully written. The places, events, and people are compelling and believable. I think Hunt is especially good at explaining the feelings and motives of his characters. Many times, I found myself thinking, "What a perfect description!"

The further I read, the more I wanted to read. I finished the last four or five chapters in one sitting. My only serious complaint is that I want book two, and I want it NOW! So while I wait for book two, I'll be encouraging as many others to read book one as I can. Misery loves company.

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  1. Lisa Forrette12:34 PM

    I'll be miserable with you, Dave! Looking forward to The Sea of the Missing. Isn't that a great title? Love it.