Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday Thinking - Interpretive Epiphanies

Earlier this week, I had a great conversation over lunch with a friend from church. He posed a lot of thoughtful questions about just what the Bible is and how we should read it. These kind of discussions are more than interesting, they are of critical importance to people like my friend and I who believe scripture to be inspired and useful.

With impeccable timing, Peter Enns has started what promises to be a fascinating series of posts from evangelical Bible scholars who had "Aha Moments" which forced them to think differently about the Bible than they had previously. The first installment is by Enns and it is very interesting.  I'll get you started and then provide a link for you to keep reading.

From the Peter Enns Blog

Following on my last post, here is the first installment of a series–biblical scholars from evangelical backgrounds telling their stories about their “aha” moments that convinced them they needed to find different ways of handling the Bible than how they had been taught.
In the last day I’ve already gotten 10 scholars who want to participate and I expect more to come. My plan is to post their thoughts as they come in rather than all right after the other.
The purpose of this series, more than anything, is to encourage followers of Jesus who are on similar journeys–those who are finding that how they were taught to think about the Bible does not have adequate explanatory power for engaging the Bible as they now read it. You’re not alone. And it’s all good.

OK, I’ll go first.

Like most of those who will contribute to this series, there wasn’t just “one” moment that moved me from one place to another. It was more a culmination of many moments over many years–some feeling like a 2×4 over the head and others more a whisper.

Overall, as I continued to pay more and more attention to the details of the Bible, it became harder and harder to shake the feeling that Bible wasn’t behaving as I had always been told it most certainly does–needs to–behave.

What drove this home to me–one of these culminating “aha” moments– happened during my doctoral work and centered on just one verse: 1 Corinthians 10:4...


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