Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday Tome - The Divine Conspiracy Continued

Dallas Willard's The Divine Conspiracy was a very important book for me in my spiritual journey. I just learned that a book Willard was working on before he died, The Divine Conspiracy Continued, will be released on June 17. I can't believe I hadn't heard anything about this until this week. I'm very excited for this news and I've pre-ordered a copy. Looks like I know at least one book I'll read it while on vacation in July.
From the Publisher:
Dallas Willard, the author of the bestselling spiritual classic, The Divine Conspiracy, now fulfills his revolutionary vision of how the kingdom of God is made real on earth in this sequel, the last book he was working on before his recent death.

In The Divine Conspiracy, revered Christian philosopher and scholar Dallas Willard critiqued the church's obsession with "sin management" and revolutionized our understanding of true Christian discipleship. Jesus is not a remote savior, waiting to welcome us into heaven after we die, Willard argued. He is a dynamic living force, a leader and teacher to whom we apprentice ourselves to learn the sacred skills God wants us to embrace, and to fulfill His son's vision when Christ declared that the "kingdom of God has come."

In The Divine Conspiracy Continued, co-written with theologian Gary Black, Willard lays out the next stage in God's plan as this generation of disciples, including ordained and lay leaders, step into positions of authority across our culture and begin to transform the world from the inside out. To fulfill the Christian calling is not to remove oneself from the outside world and take shelter from its shortcomings, Willard reminds us, but to step into the world to lead and serve as agents of change.

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