Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Music - I Love You as a Friend

The day begins and it's time to rise;
It's a struggle just to open my eyes.
So many things I have to do;
I don't feel like I can make it.
But I remember I'm not alone;
There's a strength much greater than my own.
I look to you in that morning hour
And my spirit starts to prayin'.
That's when I hear you sayin-

Get a firm grip on my hand;
Tune your ears to hear my voice.
I can help you meet the challenge;
I can help you make each choice.
And when you face temptation
I will strengthen and defend.
We'll travel on together,
And when your day comes to an end
I'll still be right beside you.
I love you as a friend.

I'm out the door and on my way
Through the ups and downs and come-what-mays.
If somehow I lose sight of you,
Lord, remind me of your presence.
I need to set my heart and mind
Far above the noise of my earthly climb.
In valleys low, on mountains high,
Jesus, keep this child from fallin';
It's good to hear you callin'-


You are my hiding place;
You help me run the race.
Leading me with your hand,
Though I've got so far to go,
I know you love me where I am.

Lord, I know you sympathize;
You have seen this world through human eyes.
You felt the pressure; you've known the pain;
You were called a man of sorrows.
That's why I know you won't turn away
Even when I stumble or go astray.
You'll pick me up, help me start again.
As you lovingly renew me,
I hear you whisper to me-


I'll still be right beside you
Because I love you as a friend.

"I Love You as a Friend" by Dave Burkum, from Songs for the Real World. © Copyright 2002 by Dave Burkum.

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