Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday Thinking - "Instead of Fighting, Now We're Dancing"

I was so moved by this interview with Jenna Vancura on Minnesota Public Radio's "The Daily Circuit" program. It's tough to listen to, but so thoughtful and real that you should. Please do!

I admire and appreciate Jenna. Cancer is taking her body, but her honesty, courage, and grace outshine and overwhelm the disease. It's a wondrous and beautiful thing to see someone with a terminal illness living in a way that will outlive and outlast her illness. Join me in praying for Jenna, her husband, James, and her family through this difficult time. And pray for the loved ones in your life who are facing similar circumstances.

Jenna Vancura, 28, on what it means to live after ending cancer treatment...
Jenna Vancura, 28, spent much of her senior year in high school at the Mayo Clinic, after a cancer diagnosis. By the time she was 25, she had already had three bouts of cancer.

After 11 years, Vancura announced on her blog that her body was finally succumbing to the disease...

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