Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Favorites - Tawakal

I recently had a meal at Tawakal restaurant in Burnsville to get a taste of what Somali food is like. I really enjoyed the beef kay kay. Check it out, enjoy the food, and maybe even meet some of your Somali neighbors.

Tawakal Restaurant serves Burnsville with East African Fare
from the Burnsville Patch 

Large portions and tasty food are two of the features of Tawakal Restaurant in Burnsville that make the two owners proud.

Yussuf and Ifrah Shafie are the brother and sister owners of Tawakal Restaurant, located near Heart of the City at 12609 Nicollet Avenue. Ifrah came up with the name for the restaurant, which means "depending on" or "assurance," Yussuf explained in an email to Patch.

Although they serve mostly Somali food at the restaurant, they serve Ethiopian and Kenyan food as well.


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