Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wednesday Words - Merry Christmas!


Every gift that's good for you
Comes out of heaven.
The gifts are rivers of light
Cascading down from the Father of light.
– James 1:17

I showed up with a wish list, hoping
For a gift or two, and walked into
A party lavish with light and gifts,
Light from parents and grandchildren,

Spouse and children, brothers and sisters,
Lovers and friends: light from the Father
Of light –– light gifts rivering
Out of faces and sky and making me

Light of step, light of heart,
The beauty of the Lord pulsating from
These icons of Adam, icons of Eve.

Light from the East, light from the West,
Winter light and summerlight.
We love and work and die in light.

"Lights" by Eugene Peterson, from Holy Luck (Eerdmans), © Copyright 2013 by Eugene H. Peterson.

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