Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Tuesday Tome - First Words

I am enjoying a collection of poems, First Words (2010), by Joyce Sutphen. She is currently the Minnesota Poet Laureate and I have posted about her poems before. With titles such as "Zuchinni Bread," "Polka Revival," and "Breakfast," this collection comes across as a very personal, midwestern, down-to-earth memoir in verse. Great stuff!

From Red Dragonfly Press:
Joyce Sutphen grew up on a working dairy farm, and her poems recover this lost world, with all its beauty and order. This collection traces a shift in the rural landscape from horses to tractors, from haystacks to hay bales---and watches as time ages and changes the people who make up the story. First Words is both elegy and celebration--ultimately its center is family, then and now. 

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