Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Tuesday Tome - A Glass Half Full

A Glass Half Full
Felix Dennis

I first heard of Felix Dennis through a TED Talk where he read selections of his poetry. Dennis is an enigmatic character to say the least. His poetry is thoroughly 21st century in it's content, but is written with the meter and rhyme you would expect from a nineteenth century poet.

The poems range from profane to profound--from provocative to proverbial. I enjoyed more poems in the collection than not. The book comes with an audio CD of Dennis reading his poems.

All men know themselves a fraud,
Society or hoi polloi;
Strip the polish off a lord,
You will find a frightened boy.
from "The Mask" (p. 45)

And wise the man who will not lend,
But in the dead of night will send
A gift. And thus, will save a friend.
from "Neither a Lender..." (p. 153)

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