Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday Thinking - Your Inner Grinch

Today, I'm sharing a short piece by Amena Brown Owen posted on Donald Miller's Storyline Blog. Christmas comes rolling around every year whether you're ready or not. So what happens when your inner Grinch seems to be stealing the joy of Christmas? What can you do? Owen has some thoughtful suggestions.

How to Deal with Your Inner Grinch
by Amena Brown Owen

The Advent season is a time of remembering the miracle of birth, how Jesus entering the world became the greatest plot twist ever written. It’s a time of turkey, family, sugar plum ferries, ornaments, Christmas trees, and Charlie Brown. But sometimes the actuality of our life looks more like charred turkey, out of tune Christmas carols, and scantily clad tinsel. Sometimes life threatens to make a Grinch out of us. Sometimes pain, grief, hurt, disappointment, and loss, snuff out any candles of joy we had lit in our hearts. What do we do when we find it difficult or nearly impossible to be thankful during the season of gratitude?


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