Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday Thinking - Let Every Heart Prepare

Today I'd like to share a thoughtful post by Jim Friedrich, Ten Ways to Keep a Holy Advent, from The Christian Century Blog. Friedrich gives some practical ways to draw attention to the deeper meaning of Christmas and cultivate awareness of God's presence and work in our lives. These practices include interrupting, silencing, waiting, listening, watching, praying, reflecting, loving, giving, and receiving. You probably won't be able or interested in doing all ten, but you may find a few of them to be a good fit for you this year.

Ten Ways to Keep a Holy Advent
Dec 08, 2014 by Jim Friedrich

Advent is a time to keep watch for the unexpected comings of God, to prepare our own hearts to make room for the Blessed One, and to be ourselves signs to the world around us of divine compassion and justice.

In a month that is already far too busy and rushed, these ten general practices are not offered as one more to-do list to work through, but as ways to slow down, take a breath, pay attention, and make room in our lives for the birth of the Holy.

These practices do not begin to exhaust the possibilities, but I hope they may stimulate your own thoughtful and prayerful responses. If anything here speaks to you, or prompts your own variation, try it out—for a minute, an hour, a day, and leave the rest to God. Let every heart prepare him room.

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