Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Tuesday Tomes - Thomas Troeger

Back in October, a friend of mine sent me a poem by Thomas Troeger he thought I would enjoy. He was right, and I have since purchased and read two books of Troeger's collected poems and hymn texts. There is much to appreciate in the way of insights and themes for Christians, and Christian community. Add to this the delightful possibility of being able to pair some of these contemporary texts with traditional hymn tunes for use in congregational singing.

Below are the titles and descriptions for the two books I have. Tomorrow, I'll share a sample of Troeger's writing in my Wednesday Words post.

Borrowed Light
Borrowed Light includes all the texts from Troeger's prior collaborations and other prayers and poems which he has written. There are 134 texts (poems, prayers, etc.) in all, grouped by images and patterns of association: Borrowed Light, Hidden Water, Wind and Flame, Melody Alone, A Spendthrift Lover, A Single Unmatched Stone, Fragmentary Prayers, and Disturbance of the Solid Ground. Endnotes and indices according to meter, theme and image, scripture, and first lines will aid clergy, church musicians, liturgists, and composers. An afterword provides further material for the creative process by exploring the literary and theological understandings that shape the texts.

Above the Moon Earth Rises
Above the Moon Earth Rises is an inspirational gathering of fifty-nine new hymn texts, anthems, and poems by the author of Borrowed Light (OUP, 1994) and co-author, with composer Carol Doran, of New Hymns for the Life of the Church (OUP, 1992), and New Hymns for the Lectionary (OUP, 1986).

Thomas Troeger is one of the most important American figures in the liturgical renewal movement and is in great demand for workshops, lectureships, and special worship services. His poems and texts for music are widely used by composers, even more widely adapted to standard hymn-tunes by parish musicians, and used by individuals and groups for private devotion.

This powerful new collection covers the entire church year along with a broad range of contemporary concerns and issues. The texts are conveniently indexed according to meter, theme and image, and Scripture.

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