Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Favorites - Baseball and the Blossoms

Looks like I'll be going to see the Twins play on August 6.  Two of my favorite things about summer, baseball and the Cactus Blossoms, have somehow been brought together. Amazing! Definitely did NOT see that one coming.

From the Star Tribune, April 18:
The verdict is still out on whether or not the Twins stepped up their pitching this year, but the team did at least add a little muscle to their Midwest Music Showcase in 2014. Tapes n’ Tapes, Trailer Trash, Mark Mallman, the Cactus Blossoms and a reunited Tina & the B-Sides are all on the roster for the 10 Wednesday live music performances at Target Field, which include pre-game warm-up sets from the bands as well as random songs between innings.
Here’s the full lineup announced today by the team:
  • May 14: Tapes ‘n Tapes (7:10 p.m., Red Sox)
  • May 28: Mark Mallman (7:10 p.m., Rangers)
  • June 4: Pennyroyal (7:10 p.m., Brewers)
  • July 2: The Odd Fathers (12:10 p.m., Royals)
  • July 23: Trailer Trash (12:10 p.m., Indians)
  • Aug. 6: Cactus Blossoms (12:10 p.m., Padres)
  • Aug. 20: Crankshaft (7:10 p.m., Indians)
  • Sept. 3: Special Guest TBA (7:10 p.m., White Sox)
  • Sept. 17: Tina and the B-Sides (7:10 p.m., Tigers)
  • Sept. 24: Local contest winner (12:10 p.m., Diamondbacks)

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