Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Tome - Eat to Live

It's time for me to pull this one off the shelf and read it again. The battle of the bulge continues. I've been doing well with my exercise, but making too many bad food choices.

Eat to Live is by Dr. Joel Fuhrman is easy and informative reading. The first time I read it, I found it to be both informative and motivational. The instruction was helpful and effective. When I followed Fuhrman's advice, I got good results. I really need to get my wife read it with me this time so she can help me out on the home front with diet and groceries.
Publisher's Weekly:
In this new edition, which incorporates the latest scientific nutritional data, Fuhrman's restrictive diet plan is designed for clinically overweight people who suffer from a spectrum of lifestyle/obesity-induced conditions like diabetes and heart disease and need to drop a significant amount of weight fast—about 20 pounds in the first six weeks.

The basis of Fuhrman's program is Nutrient Density, expressed by the simple formula health equals nutrients divided by calories. Fuhrman's "secret" to optimum health and permanent weight control is giving the body only what it needs. An aggressive six-week vegetarian plan segues into a regimen that includes a limited amount of animal products, like lean fish or egg whites once a week. Although proven and sound, this guidebook is not for someone who wants to lose those last 10 pounds or fit into her wedding dress; this is a serious undertaking for dieters whose umpteen previous efforts have failed and whose health is endangered.

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