Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Music - Song for the Real World

News, news of a savior I bring;
Beautiful music I sing.
Song, song of a Father and Friend,
Chorus of love without end.

It's a song of peace for the worried and distressed;
It's a song of hope for all who are oppressed;
It's a song of strength for the challenge and the test;
It's a song for the real world.

Sound, sound of a hammer that swung–
Song of the Crucified One.
Praise, praise to the champion who lives;
Sing of the pardon he gives.

It's a song of light for the blinded and confused;
It's a song of love for those who've been abused;
It's a song of grace for the guilty and accused;
It's a song for the real world.

Song, song of the True Living Word,
Music that some have not heard.
Sing, sing where no singer has sung
In every land, every tongue.

It's a song of faith for the ones who will believe;
It's a song of truth for those who've been deceived;
It's a song that gives to all who will receive;
It's a song for the real world.

News, news of a Savior I bring;
Beautiful music I sing.

“Song for the Real World” by Dave Burkum from Songs for the Real World. © Copyright 1991 by Dave Burkum.

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