Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday Thinking - Apologetics: Then & Now

I really enjoyed reading Francis Spufford's book, Unapologetic, and blogged about it here. So a few days ago, when I came across a video of a talk he gave at the 2014 Mockingbird Conference in New York, I was eager to watch it. I found it to be really interesting, so I'm passing it along to you for this week's Thursday Thinking post.

In his talk – "On Not Being C. S. Lewis" – Spufford shares some very good insights into why and how making an effective defense of Christian faith is much different today than it was during the time Lewis wrote Mere Christianity. It's refreshing to hear both his appreciation for and critique of Lewis. Toward the end of his talk, as a contrast to Lewis and to illustrate his own approach toward apologetics, Spufford reads a short excerpt from Unapologetic, one of my favorite passages in the book.

On Not Being C.S. Lewis ~ Francis Spufford from Mockingbird on Vimeo.

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