Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday Tome - Explore the Bible Yourself

Every Wednesday night during the school year, I teach the Pathways Class at Valley Christian Church. It's basically a support and training session for people who are trying to become daily Bible readers. We follow a reading schedule (you can find it at UsefulBreath.com) and work on understanding the text, identifying relevant insights, and journaling responsive applications and prayers.

Last Wednesday, we wrapped up our final regular session for the year. This week's Celebrate the Word program at Valley will serve as our final Pathways Class event for the year. If you live in the area, I hope you'll consider attending. The entire program is comprised of scripture songs, recitations, and testimony.

With all that in mind, I decided that for this week's Tuesday Tome, I would share a helpful little book Pathways class members and other beginning Bible readers. You might want to work through this tiny tome over summer months. It's by Rick Yohn and it's called Explore the Bible Yourself: A Hands-On Guide to Understanding the Scriptures.
From the back cover:
Your new start in God’s Word Begins Here. You’re no Bible scholar or seminary theologian. Yet it’s your heart’s desire to be the kind of Christian who loves to study the Scriptures. To find out what God is really trying to say in His Word. And to bring some needed changes into your own life. Here’s the guide designed to get you started in meaningful Bible study—and keep you going. Author Rick Yohn believes there’s nothing more rewarding than the firsthand discoveries you can begin to make right now in any book of the Bible. You’ll learn to observe a passage. Interpret it. And then apply it. All without the need for commentaries or someone else’s “expertise.” God Himself becomes your teacher. When you or your group are ready to experience God’s Word in a new way, here’s where you’ll want to begin.

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